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1 - 3
Map: dm2
norules 13 - 7 Macisum

comment by Macisum
Fun to play norules on dm2, its balls to the walls, not much holding back. I dont have the routine and experience on this map to execute what I want to do though.

Pro-tip, dont fall/jump down off the platform in big. © Norules 2017
Map: aerowalk
norules 7 - 37 Macisum

comment by Macisum
I got the game where I wanted, and was able to keep it like that. Not much to say really.
Map: dm4
norules 11 - 36 Macisum

comment by Macisum
Now and again I actually manage to play a decent dm4, this was one of them. Was a tight match, at least the first half of it.
I must admit I had some lucky spawns, yaay dm4.
Map: ztndm3
norules 19 - 34 Macisum

comment by Macisum
By far our closest match in the upper bracket final. Could have played a bo1 ztn, or bo5 ztn, would have been a much better experience.
However, being one map up, and quite confident I will win bravado, I was seeking revenge for the UB final. This was a really good map, close until 7 minish, and going back and forth. I managed to wrack up some spawnfrags and a good lead which saved me in the end.

GGS Norules, was fun playing!
[gf - Round 1 - Match 1]
submitted: 2017-05-31 17:57:27 by Macisum
confirmed: 2017-05-31 17:59:50 by VVD
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