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2 - 3
Map: dm4
norules 28 - 10 Macisum

comment by Macisum
The now and then part didn't happen this time. Was still a closer match than I earlier games on dm4 though. I got the lead in the beginning, but wasn't able to keep it, wp by norules!
Map: aerowalk
norules 9 - 19 Macisum

comment by Macisum
A slower and closer game than the first time. Norules played well, forcing me to play more cautiously.
Map: dm2
norules 14 - 6 Macisum

comment by Macisum
I screwed things up all the time this round, falling in lava, off the platform in big etc, did not feel in the zone at all. Really strange game though, with a lot of funny fights.
Map: bravado
norules 5 - 36 Macisum

comment by Macisum
Not much to say really. I have probably played this map more than norules.
Map: ztndm3
norules 6 - 34 Macisum

comment by Macisum
Another good ztn. The first 5 minutes were really tense with something like 3-2 for a long time with norules in control. I managed to keep away from him to keep the score low, and got a lot of running frags when I first got the control back.

ggs norules, wp!
[gf - Round 1 - Match 2]
submitted: 2017-05-31 18:28:03 by Macisum
confirmed: 2017-05-31 18:30:51 by VVD
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