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2 - 3
Map: dm4
Thor*x* 16 - 13 beginner

comment by beginner
Thor*X* favourite map, he was tough, but surprisingly played an aggressive game.
My internet never helped
Even tough i was expecting it to be even more hard match
Map: bravado
Thor*x* 8 - 17 beginner

comment by beginner
My gliding map
With this internet always hard, and Thor's LG is always a problem that i'm not able to respond.
I was a bit lucky also, and Thor should have collected more items
Map: aerowalk
Thor*x* 25 - 4 beginner

comment by beginner
dat LG
Map: ztndm3
Thor*x* 12 - 19 beginner

comment by beginner
Even tough i tought maybe Thor didnt knew Monsson very well, I went up to a fight
Thor was very agrresive, but maybe that didnt helped him
Map: monsoon
Thor*x* 2 - 33 beginner

comment by beginner
VVD's Kenya :)
I already played a map a bit.
Not too much, but Thor didnt, he was last at the map, and that made all the difference

I hope I'll catch up with you Thor on div3 :)

Now NPH will teach me a great lesson :/
[wb - Round 1 - Match 2]
submitted: 2017-11-12 16:22:27 by beginner
confirmed: 2017-11-12 16:44:54 by VVD
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